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Course Overview:

Learning HTML is the easiest way to start your web development career and master coding. You can excel in various skills and find out how to code, set up a coding environment, and build interactive web pages and applications. This course will help you understand the primary concepts and develop appropriate skills. Even if you do not have the basic knowledge of HTML, you can still enroll for this course that guides you in learning from zero to expert level HTML and become a genius in this highly competitive field. Let’s check out the future scope, eligibility, and skills you learn and other details of the HTML course.

How it Works:

Step 1: Take a course

To begin, enroll in the Specialization and choose the one you'd like to start with. When you subscribe to a course that is part of a Specialization. It’s okay to complete just one course — you can pause your learning or end your subscription at any time.

Step 2: Complete all modules / articles / hands-on Project

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Step 3: Earn a Certificate

When you finish this course and complete the hands-on project, you'll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

Minimum Eligibility :

  • Basic computer knowledge
  • A working computer with a browser installed
  • Desire to learn new tools/technology.

Who is this course for :

  • Fresher
  • One who wants to gain advanced skills of HTML
  • One who wants to learn and code like a pro

Course Comparison :

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Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • 1 Month Free Trial
  • Certificate of completion
  • Earn Skill Assessment badge
  • Interactive learning
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • W3Schools Certification
  • Tutorial & Quiz Available
  • Test Yourself With Exercises
  • Learn by Examples
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Course Duration: 40 Hrs
  • Offered by: Johns Hopkins University
  • Learn at your own schedule
  • Certification of Completion
  • Taught By: Yaakov Chaikin
Online Course Comparison
Online Certification
Certification of Completion
  • Expert-Authored courses
  • Certification Practice Exams
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Skill Assessments
  • 10 Days Free Trial
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What you will learn :

  • Basics to advanced HTML
  • Coding HTML
  • Latest techniques of HTML5
  • Practice VR and social networks
  • Create mobile & web apps
  • Create responsive mobile app pages
  • Build full-fledged websites
  • Feature detection, Drag & drop and geolocation for enhanced user-experience

Skills you will Gain :

  • HTML
  • Web Design
  • HTML 5
  • Coding
  • Web accessibility
  • Programming

Benefits of this course :

Whether you are an aspiring developer or a professional looking to upgrade your skills and wish to gain the comprehension of the HTML, this course will reward you with the best coding experience.

  • You will learn all the HTML skills with hands-on real-world projects and be prepared to take on individual web development projects
  • By employing the latest technologies and practical learning, you will be able to code your own website with confidence
  • This course is the absolute choice for you if you seek to start building real-world apps and sites.

Average Salary :

The average salary that you are offered after pursuing this course - USD 3970 per annum.

  • Minimum salary - USD 2646 per annum
  • Maximum salary - USD 11910 per annum
Note: Source: The salary information is obtained from Glassdoor.

Future Scope :

The market has a huge demand for web developer and HTML is the basic and first step that you take towards building your career or upscaling your skillset in this particular area. In this course, you will receive the experience of coding, programming, and get familiar with the latest technologies. By the end of the course, you will develop an interest in learning more languages and start to pursue a career as a web developer. The work portfolio you built during the course will help you land great opportunities as a junior developer. If you find this course interesting, get enrolled for it, and start learning now.

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