Things to do when you feel stagnant in your career!


Career stagnation is a stage in life that can lead to the complete loss of interest and obstruct your growth. You may feel stuck at your current job and uncomfortable taking up new opportunities that can bring you a good pay hike or a desired promotion. Some ideas, like quitting your job and frequently changing your career plans, may come to your mind as you cannot perceive your goals. It is important to recognize when your career is stagnating and take timely steps to enhance your career and keep it growing.

Signs of Career Stagnation 

It is vital to keep growing and moving to be successful in your professional life. The reason is an unstable career can end not just your professional growth but affect your mental peace, physical health, and personal life as well. Then, how would you know if your career stagnating? Look for the following signs that show you feel stagnant in your career.

  • You feel monotonous every day you wake up and don’t feel the courage and excitement to try something new and challenging.
  • You are too comfortable to come out of your cubicle and learn new skills. Instead of adding new skills, you lose control over your existing skills and find no motivation.
  • You hardly find pleasure in anything, whether it is your choice of career, performance assessment results, or future objectives, and always feel like quitting.  
  • Your professional growth has blocked as you’re stuck in at one job title and not getting an expected salary hike after switching multiple jobs. 
  • You lose self-confidence and feel discouraged oftentimes.


Causes of career Stagnation

You must know what’s causing your career stagnation since it helps you overcome them and resume your career. Here are the major reasons of career stagnation:

You aren’t upgrading yourself - You aren’t getting opportunities to learn new skills in personal and professional life. Upgrading yourself is important to grow from time to time.

Lack of productivity at work - You may feel stagnant in your career if you are unable to bring results and increase productivity at work. If the problem is with the organization, you may look for better roles elsewhere.

No scope for organizational growth/promotion - Professional growth and promotions motivate people to deliver more and better in the workplace. If you haven’t received a salary raise or promotion in a long time, it may cause career stagnation.

You aren’t finding challenging roles - Sometimes, the challenging tasks help you know your worth and develop self-confidence. You can feel stagnant in your career if you don’t find valuable tasks and see others grow and get better.

Ways to Overcome Career Stagnation

Here are some ways to overcome career stagnation and reboot your growth for a successful career.

Take a break & think - Sometimes, the job that you are stuck at can make you overwhelming and stressed about your professional life. At this stage, the first thing you must try is to take a break from your work life. A relaxing vacation and a break from targets & deadlines will give you the time you need to think and make wise decisions for your career.

Set relevant Goals to your job - If you are suffering from career stagnation, the next thing you need to do is to set up future goals for your career. Clearly and definite career goals help you analyze your current condition and achieve what you need to accomplish those goals. Setting up objectives drives you to keep moving and pursuing your career.

Learn competitive skills to update yourself - Learning new skills as per the trends and changing the business environment can make you sustain in competitive workplaces. No matter if you are an expert in your field, updating yourself will give you a step over others and advance your career faster than ever. Whether you get office productivity skills or gain technology-based knowledge, it will give you the freedom from career stagnation and speed up your productivity.

Network with positive people - Networking is an essential process, no matter in which domain you are of the business. It helps in building you up as you connect with talented people in and outside your industry. You get the guidance and motivation to strive for more from those who are more experienced than you and mentor your juniors. It opens the door to plenty of opportunities that you might be waiting for and build valuable connections to grow.

Take up challenging tasks - While playing a role in an organization, it is easier to create a comfort zone and not want to come out of it. To keep growing, you must take on challenging roles and tasks even if it takes some extra effort and skills. Learn, if you don’t have the right skills to make the job done since all the hard work you put in, will pay you off in the end. Discuss your aspirations with your managers, get suggestions and feedback, and do not hold yourself back. 

Achieve your Goals - Last but one of the important things of the process is to give your best to achieve your goals. Whether it is to get a whole new skill set, get that long-delayed promotion, meeting targets, or switching to a more versatile role, do all you should do to attain them. Reaching your goals within and outside your organization will give you confidence and improve your performance.

The above steps will help you evaluate where you are stuck in your career and overcome career stagnation in the most effective ways. Everyone faces this difficulty once in their career but you can’t just think of giving up instead you must pull yourself back and take the necessary actions. There is nothing that can limit your career growth if you keep learning innovative skills and upgrading yourself with time. Check out a variety of our online courses in diverse fields including Business, IT, Software development, Office Productivity, and such others, and get enrolled to add up desired skills.