Popular online education myths that might be holding you back!


It is evident that online learning furnishes its own set of advantages to the learners. Since the beginning, online learning is only growing and improving making it possible for people around the world to gain access to education. It provides students flexibility, access to hands-on knowledge and expertise, convenience, and other such both in urban and rural areas. You can be consistent with online learning and get a quality education without any hassle irrespective of where you are located.

However, since the popularity of online education is growing, misconceptions about it can also be heard. In order to differentiate the facts and myths about online education, you must look into the common myths that might be holding many of you back from learning.

Popular Myths about online learning: 

You might have heard these myths as well about online learning. Now, let’s take a glance on these comprehend the facts.

Online classes are easier

The most popular myth about online education is people consider it easier than classroom learning. There is no apprehension that the online classes are more flexible but it also arrives with trials. Being an online learner, you have to be focused, self-learner, and push yourself to complete your assignments by managing your time, unlike the physical classes. It would be entirely inaccurate to support this idea because it requires more labor and self-discipline.

It is not as effective as classroom learning

In the world of online learning, there are numerous online courses that surpass academic standards and drive engagement when it comes to learning. The quality of the content is well-maintained and delivered to provide an effective learning experience. There was a time when online classes were ineffective due to the absence of resources. But instructors use various tools to overcome the problems in training students which makes it a substitute for classroom education in these times.

Employers don’t value online certifications/degrees

This myth about the concept of online education scares people to take online courses. We must agree that not all institutions or online learning universities hold value. If there are reputed institutions, there are the ones that aren’t esteemed as far as education is concerned. The acceptance of online certifications/degrees by employers is the need of the hour due to the current global situation. Additionally, employers tend to agree that the skills students acquire, whether in online or offline classes, value more than mere degrees.  

Online learning is for tech-savvy youth

People with a desire to learn new skills have this misconception oftentimes. They believe that by online education, they might end up wasting their time and money since they don’t intimate with technology. But the fact is, whether students or teachers, everyone has to make a shift to keep up with the tech trends and be accustomed to it. Teachers, who were used to the traditional teaching methods, are adopting tech-driven tools to make online learning effective. On the other hand, students, whether old or young, enjoy online classes and adding up to their existing skills through interactive classes.

Insufficient interaction with instructor/classmates

This is true that online classes cannot offer the same experience as the classroom. It leaves individuals more isolated than the classrooms but the rapid progress in technology in the last few years made it possible for instructors to join the room chat, conduct live sessions, and discussions with students to interact. Online classes are more satisfactory for interaction since it enables the students to communicate with the teachers in many ways. The students can write to their teachers, join a live chat to communicate and get the confidence to raise their doubts without any hesitation. 

Cheating is an easier trait

Exactly like other myths, online cheating once existed in the education system. As technology increased, the advanced methods prevented online cheating completely. There are several full-proof functions like browser-blocking, use of plagiarism detector software, and many others; to prevent cheating that makes online education more popular. In fact, traditional classrooms are more prone to cheating than online classes since online education systems assess student’s abilities on different parameters rather than just coursework.

Online education is a transitory setting

People, whether students or teachers have the opinion that online education is a transitory arrangement and it will again be replaced with the traditional teaching methods when everything goes back to normal. But the fact is the online education system has changed the entire concept of teaching-learning in these times and has made its point. People are equipped to embrace new teaching methodologies and nothing is going to change how it’s become a part of online education.  

Online learning has become requisite to keep growth running for all of us. We must constantly thrive for technology and improve ourselves for a better future. If you are stuck between commitments, work, and personal life and are not being able to learn a new skill, now is time to get rid of these myths and embrace online learning. It brings the same benefits as the classroom teaching system right in your comfort zone. Do not hold yourself back and find a myriad of beneficial online courses on our course section.